We do this by integrating the data layer between high-quality content publishers and life event advertisers. Advertisers can build custom audiences around significant life events across virtually all online and offline channels and publishers can increase revenue without cannibalizing existing ad sales.

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Life Events Drive
Purchase Intent

Our lives are dynamic. They often change around a handful of pivotal life events that shape our trajectory, our present and define who we are. When we experience significant life events, we are uniquely open to new ideas and opportunities. Events like going to college, getting married, having children, raising children, getting divorced, retiring, and dealing with end of life issues drive different needs and open us up to new products and services to help us through the transition. 

We see an inflection point of incredible change and opportunity at the intersection of privacy, advertising and predictive intelligence. We have moved beyond impressions, keywords and clicks and are now ushering in a new era of predictive purchase intent.

That’s why we’ve developed the next generation consumer data platform - to help take privacy and performance to the next level.

Consumers participate in our publisher network to gain access to helpful information, perspective, tips and tricks and other resources to help them navigate through the changes in their lifestyle. We process and enhance data through a number of quality and permission steps including Identity, Authentication, Anonymizer to remove PII (personally identifiable information), a Resonator for predicting offer response and a Loyalty module for mining transactions.

These processes distill anonymous records into seven distinct Life Event Categories and are integrated with Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Direct Mail to enable Five-Way Integrated Marketing campaigns.


Significant Life Events
On Our Platform

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Having Babies

Going To College

Getting Married

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Getting Divorced


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End Of Life

Solutions For
Publishers & Advertisers

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High Precision Email Engagement Network

We have assembled a rapidly growing network of quality content publishers with organic traffic focused on significant life events. With our revolutionary email ad server, we can serve ads directly into publisher’s email templates maintaining user permission and improving performance. We’ve re-invented how email marketing works with premium content partners.

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Social Media Custom Audiences

With our Life Event Micro Segments, Advertisers can target consumers across the top three social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our anonymous life event data platform consolidates and focuses ad campaigns using precision-targeted custom audiences that are automatically synchronized across all three ad platforms. There’s simply no better way to target life event consumers on social media.

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Perfect Timing Direct Mail Targets

Our proprietary life event data platform is an omnichannel solution across online and offline marketing channels. Advertisers and brands can precisely target their audience through custom mailing list feature, enabling higher levels of precision and performance around target life event dates. When combined with email and social, advertisers can deliver a powerful and compelling message across all three channels simultaneously.

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