“Do Not Sell My Personal Information” Request

Datalove complies with all laws and regulations governing the use of our Member’s personally identifiable information. All of our members have the right to control how their data are used and can opt-out of data usage and data sharing at any time.

To opt-out of our platform prevent us or any of our marketing partners from using your data, please complete the form below.

Please note you must confirm the request by clicking on the link the the email confirmation message sent to you upon completion of the form. We do this to ensure you have control of the email message associated with your information.

Once your opt-out request has been confirmed, we will purge your data from our systems and suppress any additional signups that you create on our or our partners websites and apps. Please note this global opt-out will prevent you globally from receiving the information you’ve requested from us or any of our partners.

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