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We create custom audiences on social media that perform 30 to 100% better than native selects

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How It Works

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Build Your Audience

Our proprietary life event data allows advertisers to target their audiences using any number of days before or after the life event occurs reaching the right customers at exactly the right time


Deploy On Nine Platforms

Deploy the same audience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Google Ads, Display Advertising, Email, Direct Mail, or Telemarketing for unprecedented cross-channel synchronization

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Optimize Conversions With AI

Our machine learning Artificial Intelligence platform analyzes buyer and conversion data to optimize your custom audiences to achieve new levels of ROI (return on investment)


Where Do You Get Your Data?

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High-Quality Content Publishers With Organic Traffic

Consumers who are experiencing significant life event change are looking for answers. How do I have a healthy pregnancy? What do I need to know to plan my wedding? How do I raise my children and prepare them for whats coming? In looking for answers, consumers signup at helpful content sites and become part of the Datalove platform. Unlike surveys and other lower-quality sources, our premium content providers have the high-quality and responsive audiences that come to them organically.

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Life Event Date Targeting

Messaging the right consumers at the right time is critical for marketing success. Our life event audiences are targetable by life event date, which allows advertisers to market to consumers and specific times in their journey. This level of precision targeting just isn’t available on alternative platforms.

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True Omnichannel Marketing

Because we’ve done the hard work of integrating with nine advertising and marketing platforms, advertisers can achieve unprecedented levels of synchronization across channels. Our unique approach breaks down channel silos and integrates all marketing programs with a uniform data layer that improves targeting, efficiency and customer lifetime value.

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Better Targeting Means Better Performance

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Because Datalove Audiences are targetable by life event and life event date, advertisers can personalize their messages for maximum response, conversion and effectiveness. Datalove Custom Audiences consistently outperform native selects on most ad platforms. By combining highly-precise Datalove Audiences together with smart ad spend, your campaigns can achieve new levels of performance.

 Frequently Asked Questions


How do you deploy custom audiences on Facebook and other social media platforms?

Facebook and most social media platforms have great features for connecting agencies and other partners with your social media account. Simply give us access as a partner and our platform automatically creates custom audiences in your account. Once we create the audience in your account, you can use it in your marketing campaigns by running ads against it.

How do you deploy audiences on other advertising platforms and channels?

For display advertising with work with the leading DSP (Demand Side Platforms) live Live Ramp and AppNexus.

For direct mail, we can provide the names and addresses under a license agreement to allow our data to be used as a direct mail list in your direct mail campaigns.

For email marketing, we use our publishers to deploy messages to their audiences by running ads in their email newsletters. With this approach, the users are already receiving messages from the publisher ensuring high inbox delivery rates and eliminating delivery issues and spam complaints.

How do you charge for your data and services?

Clients can use our data for a per record fee under a data subscription agreement. Our typical subscription plans include automatic updates of your custom audiences on all platforms. Terms and volume commitments are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. We have low minimums and any of our channel implementations can be tested for just $5k.

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